The Power of Relationships

Emotional Intelligence Training helps Manage Stressors

You have relationships with everything.

You have Relationships with water. The evidence is how much you hydrate every day and every week.

You have Relationships with sleep as evidenced by how much sleep you get today and every day.

You have Relationships with loving. The evidence is how well you have been treating yourself today and forever.

Relationships create the fabric of being, between you other things and other people.

You have many Relationships, but the ones that matter stay with you. They occupy your thoughts and dreams. They drive your actions and shape your lifestyle. Relationships even affect subconscious decisions, good and bad.

Experiences are the top factor shaping the Relationships you currently have.

Bealover programs help you upgrade the 6 dynamics of Human Relationships so you can alleviate stress, heal emotional pain and practice habits that lead to healthier, more satisfying lifestyles. 

  • Create richer, satisfying sex
  • Discover Purpose and how to use your talents to impact who and what matters
  • Heal connections with family and friends; develop deeper bonds
  • Move your health into a space of abundance and more well-being
  • Gain clarity in attracting and being with a life partner
  • Evolve your career and earn what you deserve

Complimentary Insights Session

Learn How to Solve the Biggest Challenge in Your Relationships.


How It Works

Practice in Class. Experiment in Life

The focus, effort, and energy it takes to change your relationships is only worth it when you know who and what really matters.

I help you get crystal clarity on the relationships having the greatest impact in your life. 

When you know what you're after, having a proven set of actions that get you from where you are to who you want to be in the world. Like GPS.

I provide step-by-step guidance, tools and practice to help you create the skills and experiences that allow the Relationships you truly desire.

Even when you know what you want and how to get there, changing habits, automatic patterns and exposing hidden challenges is not something you can always do alone.

I create a shared vision for your Relationships with you and support your growth through every step, challenge and hurdle coming your way. There are always hurdles and I'm always here.

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Relationships Training

My name is Jaebi Bussey, and I'm founder of Bealover Social Skills.

I specialize in hands-on learning and have helped men and women overcome barriers to leadership and development for over 15 years.

Many of my programs have been used at institutions all over the country and I've helped thousands of students in group training and one-on-one coaching/mentoring.

I've taken everything I've learned to help you create the fastest results in changing how you relate to yourself and others.

Together, we'll revolutionize your world by creating new experiences, so you're filled with different emotions that inspire actions aligned with your value and desire.

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Relationships Training

Creating Hot Love

Relationships affect your mood, thoughts, creativity and turn on.

When you want more passion, desire and satisfaction in your love life, you can turn on the power of your social-emotional intelligence.

This course boosts your EQ, enhancing core social skills that reduce stress and promote health and satisfaction in your hot and heavy relationships.
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Creating Hot Love